Hi there,

I'm Nova

and I help earth angels manifest their dream life through embracing the power of natural medicines and tribal economy.


Thriving health and abundant wealth is the birthright of every single person on this planet, yet because of our separation out of tribal living it is not available to everyone as it should be.


My mission is to support communities to collaborate deeply with each other and therefore thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially within regenerative models of self healing and service to others. I do this by supporting healing artists, lightworkers, and heart centered leaders to live so abundantly that they are able to exit the matrix and spend their time doing their healing work in the world.


As a plant medicine priestess, certified Kambo practitioner, intuitive eating guide, and sacred business mentor, I have the honor to empower the rebel angels of the world to share their gifts boldly and unapologetically. 


Certified Kambo Practitioner

Oct 2018 Iquitos Peru

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Jan 2021 Portland USA

Initiated by Matsés Tribe in Kambô

Initiated by Huni Kuin Tribe in Hapé


what is kambo

Kambo, Sapo or Acate are just a few of the names used to describe this ancient healing treatment utilized by various indigenous tribes of the Amazon, including the Matzés in Perú.


The local tribesmen and women traditionally use it for:

  • Building immunity + physical strength

  • Deep cleansing + healing of the body 

  • Increasing motivation + stamina

  • Spiritual + mental clarity

  • Luck + zest of life


As more and more people are choosing to engage with the healing benefits of Kambo, knowledge about this powerful personal transformation is growing. Kambo is utilized in the western world to assist a person's natural healing capabilities from common ailments such as:

  • PTSD + trauma

  • depression + anxiety

  • viruses

  • parasites

  • infections

  • chronic illness

  • high inflammation 

  • bacterial overgrowth

  • hormonal imbalance

  • common mood "disorders"

  • substance dependency

  • adrenal fatigue + burnout

  • overstimulated nervous system

  • auto immune disease

The benefits of Kambo for advancement of healing in the body, mind, spirit, energy, and history are truly limitless.

Kambo contributes to the long lasting and permanent healing of chronic physical and mental "illnesses" that Western Medicine claims have "no cure"


benefits Of Kambo


Kambo detoxes the body, strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing within the body. It is a natural antiviral and antifungal. Not only does it support the healing of viruses within the body it also acts as a natural vaccine to prevent viruses.

Studies show that some peptides in the Kambo can be very effective in dealing with Alzheimer, Parkinsons Disease, infertility, hepatitis, cancer, AIDS and other serious conditions. Although there is no doubt of the wide range of uses of Kambo, it is necessary to find the right complimentary treatments.  food medicines, and personal lifestyle shifts which are specific and individual to each person and condition. 

We have seen Kambo help many people with a variety of conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism and joint disorders, chronic pain and infections, malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, epilepsy, depression, post chemotherapy fatigue, disease prevention and many more. 



The tribesmen of the Amazon use this medicine to clear themselves from "paneme“ (bad luck or dense energy). Kambo is a cleansing agent for it and after the treatment most people feel a strong optimism and clearness of the mind. They may feel recharged in strength and stamina and capable to achieve their goals. It is said that everything flows a bit better in the life after taking Kambo, because externally we always attract the thing that is going on internally.  

The Matses-tribesmen use Kambo for more luck when hunting in order to catch a big animal. In the Western culture we can use kambo to improve our everyday lives such as finding a job and being more successful in it, which could correspond to archaic desires of being the best hunter.  


If the impression has arisen by now that Kambo can cure anything, one still has to consider that every human being is unique. The outcome of the treatments can vary in their effects as well as in the amount of time it may take to feel those effects. Everybody is different and so every session can be a bit different because Kambo works on many levels and is unique in its translation. 

It is very important to not compare Kambo with conventional medicines. In our opinion to gain true long term benefits of healing, one often has to make healthy lifestyle changes in addition to the treatment. It is not truly  beneficial to take Kambo and continue an unhealthy lifestyle because the problem that has been treated would most likely present itself again.   



I'm feeling splendid! What a powerful experience. The amount of care you put into your practice shows. I feel like a new person. Renewed energy and a fresh container to fill with love. My heart is wide open.


Nova is a modern day priestess who through the path of her own embodied healing journey, holds space for others on theirs. A curator of healing, Nova is truly a part of the medicine being imparted.


I can't tell you how great I've been feeling since our session. I feel strong and more aware. Your prayer was letting the parts of me that wanted to be healed feel like they were seen and heard.



Truly transformative. You have such a mighty heart to serve our people in this way and share the magic of this beautiful medicina!


Thank you for allowing me rest sanctuary during this time. You're an amazing woman. I so enjoyed sitting with you and soaking in your prayers.


Nova was kind, versed in her practice, she carries the blessing of the Mother herself to provide this medicine. 


Thank you for holding secure space during such a vulnerable time. With words and songs, I felt very safe to let myself be fully emersed in the medicine.


Thirteen thank you's. I am humbled and grateful for the amazing ceremony you gave us. Absolutely incredible and impeccable.


Kambo helped me release the negative emotions that I felt were truly keeping me from having healthy relationships with my close friends and kids. 

Tropical Leaves

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transformation package

Rescue your body and start a foundation for healing to take place


1 Kambo Ceremony


Wholistic Health Consultation

1 Week
 Live + Online Coaching

30 Meals Living Food Detox

Hapé + Sananga

Personalized Prayer, Meditation, Divination


1 Online Integration Session


transmutation package

Rescue your body and start a foundation for healing to take place


3 Kambo Ceremonies


Wholistic Health Consultation\


1 Month Live + Online Coaching

60 Meals Living Food Detox

Hapé + Sananga


Personalized Prayer, Meditation, Divination


1 Online Integration Session


forest retreat

Rebirth your entire being with a Kambo initiation in the forest

3 Kambo Ceremonies


2 night, 3 day Forest Adventure

1-2 Mile Hike to Secluded Location

Wholistic Health Consultation

1 Month Live + Online Coaching

60 Meals Living Food Detox

All Vegan GF meals provided

1 Online Intention Session

Hapé + Sananga


Personalized Prayer, Meditation, Divination

1 Online Reiki Session


1 Online Integration Session



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To inquire about receiving Kambo please share your previous experience, if any, and your intentions for healing. I'll be in touch shortly. Thank you and take care.

~ Nova



everyone deserves equal access

payment plans available upon request


  • Private ceremony at your home in Portland + $50
  • Travel negotiable within OR + WA for additional fee
  • Discounted travel fee for groups of 3 or more



Prepare for your kambô ceremony

PREPARE YOUR lifestyle


2 weeks prior:

  • Start your Purium Plant Supplements + take each 1 every day consistently

  • Explore eating raw + cooked, whole foods, plant based, organic when possible

  • Reduce inflammatories like alcohol, smoking, meat, dairy, fried, processed foods and sugar

  • Carve out some time for #radicalselfcare like nature time, movement, creativity, and pampering


1 week prior:​

  • Increase your Purium Plants Supplements + take each 2 times a day consistently

  • Focus on eating raw + cooked, whole foods, plant based, organic when possible

  • Stop all inflammatories like alcohol, drugs, smoking, meat, dairy, fried, processed foods and sugars

  • Prioritize more time for #radicalselfcare like nature time, movement, creativity, and pampering


1 day prior:​

  • Include some sort of joyful movement in your day

  • Do not eat anything heavy, fried, spicy, or processed

  • Plan for a full nights rest + plenty of time in the morning for meditation + yoga before we meet

  • Do not consume any food 10 hours prior to Kambo + drink only water or plain herbal tea


Kambo day:

  • Do not consume any medicines, medications, supplements, or caffeine before Kambo. CBD is ok

  • Do not consume any food 10 hours prior to Kambo + drink only water or plain herbal tea

  • Bring your water bottle + 1 gallon of purified water, fluoride free, spring or alkaline is best

  • Bring your yoga mat, pillows, and a blanket to set up your sitting space

  • Bring comfortable clothes that layer for temperature changes, include a light scarf + hat

  • Bring some organic fruit to share with the group if you can

  • Plan 2 hours for private, 3 hours for couples, or 4 hours for groups + spend the rest of the day recovering

  • Plan for a restful day of recovery, unplugged, in nature if possible + hydrate with fruits

2 days after:

  • Do not eat heavy, fried, spicy, processed, or animal foods or you could feel very sick

  • Continue your Purium once daily consistently + Order Daily Core 4 to continue your healing results

  • Focus on eating raw + cooked, whole foods, plant based, organic when possible

  • If you feel called, please write or record a video review about how you benefited from Kambo


2 weeks after:

  • Continue your Living Food Detox from Purium + set up a Smart Order to continue your lasting healing

  • Focus on eating raw + cooked, whole foods, plant based, organic when possible

  • Reduce inflammatories like alcohol, smoking, meat, dairy, fried, processed foods and sugar

  • Carve out some time for #radicalselfcare like nature time, movement, creativity, and pampering




The effects will be noticeable shortly after the secretion is applied onto the burned area (usually after 1- 2 min). Rarely it might take a longer time, or the dose might have to be adjusted. The Kambo medicine goes straight into the lymphatic system and from there into the bloodstream.  

In most cases, the first effect is that the blood flushes up into the head. This will be perceived as heat in the facial area and the rest of the body. Sometimes this can be accompanied by a fastening of the heart beat, very often followed by nausea and vomiting. Usually the water you drank before comes first, followed by a variety of slimy, milky, yellow, orange, green, dark green, brown or sometimes even black liquids and bile. There is also a need to defecate quite often. There will be often a swelling in the facial area and the neck region. The intensity of these swellings can vary, but in most cases it will subside relatively fast. 

Eye discharge, chills, cramps, dizziness, numbness in the hands and physical weakness can occur symptomatically. In some cases someone might feel a need to scream or cry in order to release emotional and energetic blockages. The symptoms might vary in quality and quantity depending on the individual, the area the medicine will work on and the dose.  

Usually the most intense part of the treatment will only take between 10 - 30 minutes and in very few cases it might take a bit longer or a bit shorter.  


The effects of Kambo always differs depending on the person and intervals of treatment.  Even though the effects of Kambo could sound unpredictable, it is best to keep in mind that Kambo is a very intelligent medicine and will always do what  is necessary for the recipient.  


side Effects


When taken with a trained and trustworthy practitioner, Kambo is very safe. Positive effects usually set in after a great session, lots of hydration, and an early night's sleep. That next morning after Kambo most people immediately feel the benefits of increased energy flow and cognitive clarity. These energetic sensory enhancements can grow with you for as long as two weeks after the session or more if you eat a plant based diet and stay well hydrated.

In some cases the immune system may first drop down temporarily and the cleansing process may continue for a couple of days before one would experience the beneficial feelings of the medicine. This may happen after a very intense cleanse or when there is a more serious illness to heal.   

In very rare cases, especially when one tries to move quickly or stand up fast, the person may faint during the experience and this is why it is necessary to work with an experienced, trained practitioner. A responsible practitioner will provide a safe space for the treatment to facilitate the greatest possible healing for the recipient.

be your own shaman



Is Kambo psychoactive? 

Some people are under the false impression that Kambo is a psychoactive substance because there is some wrong information in the internet about this. Sometimes the Kambo frog is confused with "bufo alvarius“ toad also called sapito. 

Kambo contains no psychoactive components that could trigger visions whatsoever. Instead it is a very physical experience. Interestingly enough, sometimes the person receiving the treatment feels connected to the frog mentally. Through this connection, you get insights about things you should do differently or let go of all together in order to have a better life. Sometimes even memories from childhood that have been buried deep inside may emerge. 

Is Kambo addictive? 

Everybody that has ever used Kambo knows that it is anything other than that. To the contrary, Kambo can help people with substance-addictions like alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Kambo itself is non-addictive - to be exact, it is quite the opposite of that. 


Is Kambo dangerous? 

If it is used in the right way, Kambo is very secure. Nevertheless it is important to be aware that this is a very potent secretion and one has to know how to work with it. Several factors have to be regarded for a secure intake. Statistically speaking, many more people could suffer side effects from common medication, to use an argument often heard however this should not be an excuse to use it irresponsibly. 

The biggest danger could be when a treatment is done by someone that has no experience in this area – neither as a physician, natural healer or shaman. A white gown and a syringe does not turn every human into a doctor. Equally, a few feathers and a rattle does not make someone a shaman. You should always be mindful to be treated by someone who has experience in this field and this sort of treatment. 

It is best to be careful when taking Kambo with natives in the jungle as some of the local practitioners are not used to working with Westerners and it could happen that they misjudge the state of health of the person being treated. Some tribes traditionally do not use  Kambo when they are very weak or sick.


Is kambo suitable for everyone? 

No, Kambo is not suitable for everyone and that is why we do not suggest to take Kambo if one of the following conditions applies to you as there could be possibly some contraindications:

  • Very low blood pressure or when on medication for low blood pressure 

  • General heart problems 

  • Brain hemorrhage

  • Aneurysms or blood clots

  • Addison’s Disease

  • Esophageal varices

  • Pancreatitis

  • If you taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant

  • If you are recovering from a major surgical procedure 

  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy 

  • Pregnancy 

There could be a couple of other cases where it is not recommended to take Kambo, and it is therefore always good to talk beforehand with your practitioner and disclose your medical history, current symptoms, and current medications.


How is the secretion extracted from the frog?

Four wooden sticks are put into the ground shaping a small square. Then the frog gets tied with four separated strings by all of his extremities to the wooden sticks, suspending the animal in a way so that it does not move. To make the frog excrete the venom he needs to feel in danger, and one way to invoke this would be to knock repeatedly on his head, thereby annoying him to excrete a white, slimy secretion on his legs and the side of his body. This substance is scraped off with a small piece of wood and then transferred to another flat wooden stick, on which it later dries out and gets durable for a long time. The frog is not really hurt during this procedure – nevertheless, the whole act is also not comfortable for him. Once the extraction is done, the frog is released into freedom and his natural surroundings.

Are there any scientific studies on kambo?


The Kambo secretion based on human use was first researched and described by western scientists John Daly, Vittorio Erspamer and their team, published in 1992.  

Vittori Erspamer already published an article based on his studies of peptides in Phyllomedusa skin “a huge factory and store-house of active peptides” in 1985.  

Those bioactive peptides are also the reason why the pharma-industry is so interested in it, developing a new medication from one of the peptides could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and there are already several patents existing on some of the peptides.  

What are the bioactive peptides in kambo?

  • adenoregulins

  • bradykinins

  • tachykinins

  • caerulein

  • sauvagine

  • tryptophyllins

  • deltorphins

  • dermaseptins

  • dermorphins

  • phyllocaeruleın

  • bombesins



What is a bioactive peptide?




  1. (of a substance) having a biological effect.




  1. a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, the carboxyl group of each acid being joined to the amino group of the next by a bond.



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